Thursday, October 17, 2013


Tristen with my two girls

I am very blessed to be the auntie of so many nieces and nephews. My eldest nephew Tristen has Cystic Fibrosis. He was diagnosed at 6 months old. We thank God everyday that he is turning 17 this Saturday. For 10 years my mother in law Terri Skupen has been walking in the CF walks. During that time CFF has been able to isolate the CF gene, improve treatments and getting so close to finding a cure! Many children with CF die before they turn 5 and when he was diagnosed it was almost a death sentence before he would be 10. Now he is turning 17! He skateboards and surfs. He also has 2 afterschool jobs and helps take care of his younger brothers. He is an amazing young man. If you would like to donate to my mother in laws walk this Saturday please click here. Donations can also be made via your Paypal account. Please help my family find a cure and end this horrible disease!

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