Saturday, July 6, 2013

Later Sk8r Repost

I am so sad! My previous blog for this kit disappeared! So I am going to attempt it again for you :) This is the Close To My Heart Later Sk8r G1057 $29.95. As I had stated in a previous post that my printer is having issues so these layouts do not have pictures right now. I hate doing layouts without pictures!

First I like to do all my cuts:
Then I like to stamp my images. The Play Hard and No Fear have a second generation stamping technique under the words. What is this you ask? It is when you ink the stamp-> stamp it on a scrap paper once-> then stamp it on the sheet you want. It is great cause you get a lightened version of the ink. :) Also you can see where I random stamped in three colors the star in the circle.

The directions then suggested that you sand the edges of the paper. Geez I have not used this technique in years! The one on the left is the with the technique and the one on the right is plain. So going to have to do this again!

 Now here is the layouts:
Left Side
Right Side
Close Ups with the accessories that came with the kit:


Now here is the second half of the kit! You need the Imagine Book which will be available again in August for $14.95. In the Imagine book this is the layout Monologue Left and Right.
Again I like to do all my cuts first & I sanded the edges too:

Then I stamped my images:

Then put everything together :)
Close up with bling that is included in the kit:

Hope you enjoyed my kits the last few weeks leading up to the special this month! Remember it is while supplies last and LESS than $20!!!!

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