Thursday, January 15, 2015

1st CIUT

Change It Up Thursday (CIUT)
So I have made some life choices in the last two months to better myself and take better choices of my body. I believe on Thursdays I will let you know how my change for my life and body are going. I don't like to weigh myself. I like to go off of how my clothes are fitting. Makes us girls feel much better than a number! Well let me give you a little backstory. I used to be really skinny. I mean too skinny. At 19 I was 5'8" and 105 lbs. I was healthy and could eat anything.
After my two girls I kept 10 lbs each. It looked good on me. Then the boy came. Darn those boys! LOL! I kept 20 lbs from him. Also after baby #2 I ended up have horrible Endometriosis and already suffering from Fibromyalgia but undiagnosed. So 6 months after baby #3 was born I chose to have a full hysterectomy. A great decision but not for my weight.
My body hated me after my surgery. I am now at 170 lbs. To boot I have a short torso so it is all in my gut. UGH! My husband is amazing and loves me for me and doesn't care about my size. THANK GOD!
A few weeks before Christmas I got the dreaded flu. YUCK! Due to the flu I stopped caffeine. I was not a huge caffeine person. A cup of coffee a day and a coke a day. Figured I already hit the withdraw might as well leave it behind. It was not hard. So I was still drinking sprite until about 1 week before Christmas and stopped that as well. Figured I would be less tempted to have coke if I stopped it all. It was easy! Now my problem. I hate water. I will get back to that in a minute.
I asked for a gym membership at a new class oriented gym in my local town for Christmas. I got it! Due to my job and family plans I was not able to go until this past Tuesday. All I want to take is Yoga. Something that is easy on my joints and helps my core. So I took the beginning yoga class. I LOVED LOVED LOVED IT! The instructor was so sweet and cute. She asked if we had any medical issues and I told her I had fibromyalgia. She had it as well and that is why she took up yoga! Kindred spirits! WOO HOO!
It was a great class. So today I am heading out to it at 10:30 am. Saturday I want to go to the Beginning Yoga and the Gentle Yoga but my daughter has a rummage sale at school during that time. I might still go. She is 17 and I can be there in the morning.
So water...I seriously can not stand to drink water. It is boring and has no taste. Give me some iced tea and I would be happy. Well I brought a water bottle to my Tuesday class and totally drank the whole thing and then another 2 bottles throughout the day. I knew I should drink lots of water for my muscles so they do not get stiff. Well yesterday I drank another 3 bottles! So I am so happy to keep going with it. Crystal Geyser will be my best friend! No iced tea yesterday at all. I did though have a Starbucks Vanilla Frappe though. LOL. Hey we can't change overnight without a slip here or there.
Let me stress this is not a New Years Resolution. I started this before New Years. I do not believe that life changes occur overnight. So I am not living my life one day on 12/31 and a different way on 1/1. So if you want to make some changes on your way of life...start today. Do it slowly. You will more likely have success from what I have read. Comment. I want to follow you and your journey as well. Inspire each other!


  1. I hate water too. I find that floating a piece of fruit in it (lemon half, orange segment, etc) makes it drinkable.

  2. Hi Cindy! Great seeing you! I do remember you from the classes! I will have to try it!