Tuesday, January 13, 2015

CHA 2015 Mega Show

Wow is all I have to say! Yeah right! So I was able to go to CHA for one day, Monday January 12th. I was able to meet some amazing people! The booths and products were so yummy! To top it off I got to take some classes as well!

I was so lucky that Melissa is so amazing! She signed me up for 3 awesome classes! My first class I took was Affiliate Marketing by a company called CJ. I learned a lot if you want your blog to make money. I do not think that is for me. I like to just share what I do and have lots of fun! My second class was my FAVORITE! It was by Theresa Cifali and was "Making the Most of Instagram". Oh wow did I learn a ton!!!!! She displayed 3 top performers in Instagram. One had a huge following. Another was target audience focused. The third was a craft site that was very product focused. I learned how to really work my Instagram and increase my following. My third class was Creative Blogging. I really liked this class. It had a fun teacher who was not tech savvy (same as me) and but knew what she was talking about. Helped my focus and realize I need to revamp this site! So changes are to come...BUT before that I wanted to let you know that tomorrow I will be posting pictures and tell you about my fun time yesterday!!!!!

Now I need to eat some oatmeal and get ready for my yoga class! Yes stop laughing! It is part of my life change! I will talk about that later this week too! Maybe Change it up Thursday????


  1. That is so awesome! Melissa is so sweet to send you....I would have loved the first class. Been trying to make a profit on my blog for awhile. Wish I could have gone but not gonna complain. I was the guest blogger this past summer at the CHA Paper Arts show in Atlanta. It was a total blast! http://www.facebook.com/wavingmywand

    1. Terri I am so thankful for Melissa. Not just for allowing me to go to CHA but also inspiring me and my craft everyday with her designs and friendship! Would you like the info of the person who taught the class? She can be a huge help as this is her job!

  2. You and I went to exactly the same classes on Monday! My reactions were similar, except that I do think I need to be monetizing my blog. I just need to find a partner that actually wants to handle that for me, because it's really overwhelming (and not all that interesting!) to me. Loved the Instagram class and the blogging class.