Thursday, January 22, 2015

Change It Up Thursday

Sorry I am so late posting today! Today was jammed packed! I took my kiddo to school and my friends kiddo cause she is sick. Hey I try to help when I can! So I did go to my yoga today but did not go Saturday. My daughter's fundraiser really needed me there. Then Tuesday my yoga instructor was sick with the flu. So I was lucky that she felt better today! So I finally was able to get to do yoga! It was a wonderful stretch and really pushed me. I rushed home after and took a quick shower and then work and then basketball practice for our son. My Thursdays are packed!!!!! So for change it up I wanted to point out that I am still caffeine free and soda free!

So my change it up??? Instead of a sandwich or fast food for lunch and dinner I have had salads this week. I add chicken, spinach salad and frozen corn with balsamic vinegar dressing :-)

So what have you done this week????

I really need to scrapbook. Maybe Sunday????


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