Friday, January 16, 2015


So today I am in sooooooo much pain! I guess it is to be expected but I had no pain after Tuesdays class but now after Thursday. UGH! I can not stop though. I will be going to GASP two yoga classes on Saturday! I will be taking beginning yoga and gentle yoga at One Core in Rosamond, CA. Saturday classes are taught by someone else. So I have a bit of anxiety. I hate new things! Anyone else?

Have you tried any new things lately? It could be anything from trying a new technique with scrapbooking? New dish you cooked?

So I am still no soda and caffeine and only drank water yesterday! Lots and lots and lots of water. Someone recommended to try at night to get a large container of water with mint, lemon and cucumber. Might need to try that ASAP! I will take a picture and post!

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